News from September

Harvest 2012

Our Harvest thanksgiving contributions this year was taken to housebound parishioners

and to the Walking With project in Wallsend.



Walking With is a project of Wallsend Churches Working Together which seeks to support asylum seekers and refugees in the North Tyneside area.

Healing services

After a great deal of talking, I have made a new term resolution. Each second Thursday of the month will be slightly different. It will be a healing Eucharist. At the point in the service when we would normally have the intercessions, there will be the opportunity for prayer and the laying on of hands. This can be sought for ourselves, or for those about whom we care. This is a ministry of the whole people of God, and not reserved to priests and bishops. Simply come forward to the lay person administering this ministry, and say briefly the matter for which you would like the laying on of hands, and your brother or sister in Christ will pray with you, whilst laying their hands on your head. Also available will be the sacrament of healing, when, for ourselves, we come and receive the anointing with the oil of healing, first on the forehead and then on the palms of the hands for healing and wholeness.

Fr Gavin



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